Laura’s Favs: Tweets and Comments (May 9, 2014)

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  • Chef Todd Mohr Nice article! You cannot break food down into its parts, then concentrate on only one part. The best QUALITY food gives the best energy and nutrition. [5 Reasons You’ll Quit Counting Calories For Good]
  • Caroline Andrews I let some of my basil go to flower for the bees. They love it! I saw a hummingbird drinking from some yesterday, too. [12 Bee-Friendly Plants for an Awesome Herb Garden]

  • Pam Shay I put mint in with my green peas. It looks funky after cooked just dig out. Tastes amazing. I cook both with onions and butter also added. I grow in a pot so it does not take over everything and it comes back up every year. [5 Reasons to Get Cooking with Mint (It’s Not Just Chewing Gum Flavor)]
  • Denise Watters Thanks for the recipe. I also use coconut or almond milk. This will be a great addition. [Raw Chocolate Smoothie Recipe with Avocado, Almond Milk and Raw Honey]
  • Julia Kharitonenko Awesome!! We’ve been eating it since I can remember!!! Yummy by itself or in any dish!!! It’s a staple in my family from toddlers to adults!! [Farmers Market Find: Green garlic. I love cooking with green garlic in the spring. Did you know you can just chop up the whole bulb and use it in cooking like you do with normal garlic? Simply remove the tough outer skin, stem and chop! You can even use the green parts too. Green garlic is much milder than regular garlic so you can use more. What’s your favorite Farmers Market Find?]

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